About BTHR

I am thrilled to introduce you to Beyond the Hot Room (BTHR), a sister company to Sweat Cycle.

Health and wellness have been a big part of my life since I was a teenager. Fitness anchored me as a young adult and kept me focused and sound minded through tumultuous times, and continues to do so. However, I quickly learned that a healthy body was only part of the equation. To experience a true sense of well being, one must keep the mind, body and spirit in alignment.

The magic of the Hot Room at Sweat Cycle is just part of the equation. What happens before and after the workout has a tremendous impact on our overall well being. BTHR is curated with a health and wellness lifestyle at the forefront and will provide a plethora of information and products to inspire, motivate and cultivate a sound mind, body and spirit.

From supplements that help rehydrate and re-mineralize our bodies post workout, to skin and beauty products to enhance that post-workout glow, BTHR is a collaborative effort to ensure our community is fully reaping the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, not only in the Hot Room, but beyond.

With peace, love & sweat always,

Mimi Benz, BTHR Founder 

Female Founded | Cruelty Free | Non-Toxic