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Odacite Soap Free Shampoo Bar

With 552 million plastic shampoo bottles ending up in landfills each year, this soap free shampoo bar is a game-changer for your hair and the planet. The rich restorative lather is derived from Coconut Oil, while Cupuacu Butter nourishes the hair with the perfect amount of moisture. Argan and Castor Oil wrap each strand in silky-soft hydration. Formulated with skincare-worthy ingredients, this product delivers all the perks of high-quality shampoo, sans le plastic pollution. Estimated 50 washes per bar. 

Washes away impurities, excess oil, and product buildup while keeping the scalp in balance.
Helps restore tired, dry, and treated hair.
Perfect for all hair types, including thin, straight, curly, thick or color-treated.
How To Use
Rub directly on wet hair. Lather and massage into the scalp and hair for several minutes. To finish, rinse hair completely. Follow with hair conditioner or treatment as desired.

Made in the USA.

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