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LifeAround2Angels Bath Bomb Set

Bath Bomb List
Our signature scent. A blend of patchouli, glaze with a hint of sweet nut, red berries and soft vanilla.
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Amora of ripe black raspberries and soft vanilla.
Fun in the Shower
Peach, cherry, pineapple orange and soft vanilla.
Fun on the Beach
Tropical aroma of pineapple, grapefruit and orange.
Kiwi & Strawberry
Imagine soaking in the aroma of fruity tropical island.
Soft lavender with a hint of fresh fragrant of garden sage and basil leaves.
Lemongrass Green Tea
Soothing aroma of fresh lemongrass and green tea, with a hint of refreshing white ginger and key lime zest.
Surround yourself in romantic floral aroma, blossoming roses, beautiful lily and delicate buds.
Mango Papaya
Imagine yourself soaking in the aroma of tropical island.
Melon Ball
Melon, papaya and ripe mango blend
Shea & Coconut
Rich cream of Shea button infused into coconut, top with the blend of aromatic sandalwoods.
Victorian Rose
Fresh cut rose with a hint of ambered musk.

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