LifeAround2Angels Galaxy 4 Pack Bath Bomb Set - Premium  from Beyond the Hot Room - Just $15! Shop now at Beyond the Hot Room

LifeAround2Angels Galaxy 4 Pack Bath Bomb Set

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Relax in the fantasy land right in your own tub. This set packaged with 4 unique bath bombs combination, perfect for self use or gifting.


Bath Bomb List
Forever Young
A sweet and fresh blend of strawberries, grapefruit and mango, infused with tonka bean, sweet freesia and earthy amber
Beneath the Stars
Soft citrus with plum, peach and grape, with a blend of rose and musk.
Dragon’s Blood
Warm, musky, rich aroma blended with earthy amber and black licorice aroma, also lightly sprinkled with cozy sandalwood and patchouli.
Gotta Have It
A wonderful whisk of raspberry, cantaloupe, and watermelon. Infused with flirty floral aroma, and glazed with a note of fresh fruity citrus.